Google teams up with Apple in the encryption debate

No mater what side of the security debate you’re on, its amazing how two of the most combatant tech companies can come together and agree on security issues.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has chimed in on the escalating battle between the FBI and Apple over iPhone encryption. Describing the letter published by Apple’s Tim Cook as “important,” Pichai says that a judge’s order forcing Apple to assist the FBI in gaining access to the data on a terrorist’s iPhone “could be a troubling precedent.” Seeing as Google oversees the Android operating system, Pichai is a crucial voice in this debate; Android also offers encryption to safeguard personal data.

That echoes the words of Cook, who in his letter wrote “This moment calls for public discussion, and we want our customers and people around the country to understand what is at stake.” At this point it seems like not a matter of if, but when other influential tech CEOs like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft’s Satya Nadella will weigh in on the matter.

1/5 Important post by @tim_cook. Forcing companies to enable hacking could compromise users’ privacy

3/5 We build secure products to keep your information safe and we give law enforcement access to data based on valid legal orders

4/5 But that’s wholly different than requiring companies to enable hacking of customer devices & data. Could be a troubling precedent

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