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Google Keep vs. Evernote vs. OneNote vs. SimpleNote Which is better?

admin Mar 3

Yesterday we learned the debut of Google Keep, a service to take notes and create lists that are synced to the cloud for access from different platforms.

However, it is not the first service with these features, it existed before in programs like Evernote or OneNote, so the question is what is the best service. Or perhaps it is more appropriate to ask “What service is best suited for what I need?”

Google Keep (free)

Google’s new service is the latest program released to take notes. One can attach pictures, create simple lists and change the colors of the notes. Almost nothing else.

You could say that the service is quite simple and straightforward, so it is ideal for people who need just a basic way to take notes and then remember, for anything else.

The service can be used from their website or from its client for Android. While it has clients for other mobile operating systems like iOS or BlackBerry (or Android 4.0.3 below), the website keeps the same functionality as the native application for Android.

Evernote (free and premium service at $ 5 per month)

Evernote is the heavyweight of the programs to take notes in the cloud. One can not only enrich the text by changing the font and colors, but also attach audio recordings, images, web pages, files and documents.

Also has an integrated PDF reader, notes can be synchronized with other users to work collaboratively, offers geotag, etc. If what you require is a very powerful tool, and therefore a heavy-made app Evernote is ideal for you.

However, where Evernote really shines is in its wide range of clients for many operating systems and devices: You can find it for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and WebOS, as well as for Mac OS X computers, Windows, and the interface Touch Windows 8, and as an extension for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

MS OneNote ($ 69.99)

The application was born with Office, Microsoft Office suite, and each version has been strengthened further that now its practically a rudimentary word processor and a powerful tool that if it had to compete against Evernote that is free, it probably would win comfortably.

In the points highlighted that takes OneNote to the next level over Evernote would be the fact that the service is fully integrated with Microsoft SkyDrive and Outlook, which means it is very easy to share your notes with colleagues via SkyDrive virtual hard disk, or through Managed email with Outlook.

Therefore, is the ideal choice for people who work on large projects, because OneNote has more facilities for managing large volumes of information notes created by users. While Evernote is free it only lets you manage and synchronize 60 MB of information, OneNote uses SkyDrive 7 GB available (or 25 GB if you request it).

OneNote has clients for Windows Phone, iOS and Android, and as expected, for Windows computers.

SimpleNote (free)

The application is almost the polar opposite of Evernote or OneNote, it is a program to take notes in a rather simple manner. The notes are stored in plain text, without any formatting, and sorted by name and date of creation. There is even the option of recording the note-because everything is automatically saved and its very fast, almost in real time.

However, SimpleNote has a robust community of developers who have created dozens of different plugins, clients and programs that connect to the service, making it easier to access the SimpleNote download page to find the right client for your needs.

In short, what is the best app for taking notes? It depends, if you’re working on a large project with many people and you manage tons of information, OneNote, if you need a powerful tool for taking notes in class or at work, and Evernote, if you need to take notes in a simple and occasional way mostly as reminders, Keep (SimpleNote would be ideal if you are a developer wanting to get your hands dirty).

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