Girl Gamers On The Rise

Livewire-AGEWe have to admit, stereotype dictates that gamers are mainly male. As with most stereotypes, however, it is not really an accurate depiction. Ask the people in Australia – it seems that the number of girls playing video games is on the rise out there. I don’t really need a formal report to believe this – I have always been a firm disbeliever of that stereotype – but for those who want hard proof, check out the article which was recently published on Digital Life.

The report says:

The findings were revealed today in the sixth Digital Australia report, created by Bond University and the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association, which surveyed more than 1200 Australian households and 3300 individuals.

It found 68 per cent of Australians play video games, the average age of players has crept up to 33 years, and while most players are male, 47 per cent are female.

Trends are similar in the US, where 44% of gamers are female, spending an average 6.5  hours a week playing, according to the Entertainment Software Association.
Do you need more proof? I surely do not. This comes as no surprise, really. If you take into account casual gaming and other types of video games, you would see that many of them are targeted towards the female population. And even those games that are not really for females (from whose perspective, I don’t know) attract them. From the sports video games to GTA V – I know quite a large number of females who love playing these games.