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Gigabyte is now selling its GTX Titan Black with improved cooling

This graphics card includes WindForce cooler, but the user will have to mount it on the card.

We talked more than once about the restriction imposed by NVIDIA to assemblers using some “special ” models of its GPU, thus they can not change its reference card’s cooling system.

GeForce GTX Titan Black with WindForce Cooler1

This can be a nuisance for some manufacturers, who feel they can not be differentiated from other companies, since they provide the same product. That is the case of the GTX Black Titan, the graphics card with the most powerful NVIDIA GPU.

GeForce GTX Titan Black with WindForce Cooler

To bypass this restriction, EVGA recently released their custom heatsink, but independently of the graphics card , so those who are interested could change it to this version.

Now Gigabyte has made a similar move, but instead selling separately its WindForce triple cooler and fan to dissipate 600W of power, it has launched a special pack of Titan GTX Black with a built in cooler out of the box . That is, the user will receive a TITAN Black with an NVIDIA mounted cooler, but also the WindForce 3X to replace on your own.

This pack is already out with a price of around 910 Euros, so yes, the GPU comes with superior speed to the reference model (1006 MHz in normal mode and 1111 MHz Turbo).

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