Gigabyte announces its new Gaming Laptop, Ultraforce P35W v2

It has recently been brought to my attention these new laptops from Gigabyte, Ultraforce P35W v2, is Gaming oriented. At just 20.9 mm thick and 2.16 kg in weight, this system has inside an Intel processor and a powerful fourth-generation NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M with 6 GB of dedicated graphics memory (manufacturer gets a score of P7109 3DMark 11), providing the user with an incredible Gaming experience on a laptop of small dimensions; its screen is 15.4 inches.

The Gigabyte P35W v2 responds to the growing demand for portable computers capable of running the latest games in the market at a good rate of frames per second all the while providing the user with power and mobility. It has an aluminum body with a matte finish that gives it a tough and elegant aesthetics and serves to improve internal hardware temperatures, because as you will know it only has a thickness of just over 2 inches thus can not equip a cooler that is too powerful.


As for its power, Techpowerup has posted its hardware details:

The powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M GDDR5 6 GB VRAM surges to P7109 in 3DMark11 and 4th-gen Intel Core i7 Processor provides better battery life and improved power efficiency in the P35W v2. The hot-swappable ODD/HDD Bay adds flexibility for ultimate convenience and numerous possibilities for user customization. Unique massive quad-storage supports four SSDs up to a total of 2 TB or two 512 MB mSATA SSDs plus two 1.5 TB HDDs for a maximum of 4 TB. GIGABYTE RAID STORM (3 mSATA SSD RAID 0) transmissions make for speedy responses while the massive storage houses larger files ready for access. With GIGABYTE exclusive Supra-Cool technology, P35W v2 is able to pack dual thermal pipes plus two dedicated fans for CPU & GPU, ensuring optimal cooling for the most arduous of tasks and gaming.

Certainly its 15.4 inch display has full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) for users to enjoy the latest games on the market with great detail.

Gigabyte just needs to indicate the price and release date of this power gaming laptop.

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