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Genesis Natec GX69 Gaming Mouse

admin Sep 9

Genesis by Natec, the popular gaming peripheral company launches its new mouse, within a range that is more sophisticated. Almost all mouse parameters are adjustable with a special software, among these, we can find the function of adjusting the sensitivity of the optical sensor, but the real surprise is that thanks to its inner mechanisms can also vary increase or reduce its size and weight, adapting for maximum fit in our hand, but also providing maximum comfort.

natec_genesis_gx69_gaming_mouse_4 A very good mouse, with configurable DPI LED plus 6 color also configurable. Software compatible with windows 8. The price is very right, cost is about 23 euros which is is adequate.


Genesis Natec GX69 Gaming Mouse Specs:

  • Avago 3050 optical sensor high resolution up to 4000DPI
  • DPI setting from 100 to 4000 DPI via button up / down adjustment with LED color indicator
  • Adjust and customize the size and weight
  • Includes gaming software to create profiles and macros
  • Internal memory to store profiles and macros
  • 10 customizable buttons (including the scroll wheel up / down, 8 +2)
  • Adjustable lighting modes
  • Glides (base contact) Teflon
  • Sampling frequency: 1000 Hz
  • Cable length 2m
  • Dimensions: 81.50 mm x 37.50 mm x 123.50 mm

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