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Gamers warming up to Nvidia GRID streaming service

admin Feb 2

Nvidia sure wants to impress you with its GRID streaming service, as the company has recently announced new games to add to its already robust lineup of a whopping 40 games so far.the new games  include; Saints Row IV, Alan Wake and Metro: Last Light Redux.

Hexus, is reporting that the GRID service is not yet available in Germany, sorry guys, but it is in most of Western Europe and of course Canada and the U.S, if you have a shield gaming tablet GRID comes free for you.


Nvidia has announced a trio of popular AAA PC games are coming to its GRID streaming service over the next few weeks. The titles, coming out on ‘GRID Tuesdays’ include; Saints Row IV, Alan Wake and Metro: Last Light Redux. Saints Row IV is this week’s new release, Alan Wake will arrive on the platform next Tuesday (24th Feb) and Metro: Last Light Redux will arrive on Tuesday 3rd March. Including these three AAA titles Nvidia GRID will host a total of 40 games. The new trio of games are all popular and well regarded, gaining many an Editor’s Choice and Game of the Year award between them.



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