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Galaxy S IV, Are you ready for it ?

admin Feb 2

Hopefully we’ll see some nice hardware design in the S4. Samsung really needs to step up in that category. HTC One design better than the Galaxy S III design.

Samsung is no stranger to using Qualcomm’s chip in its flagship, with the Japanese and North American variants of Galaxy S III shipping with the dual-core Snapdragon S4 MSM8960, instead of Samsung’s own quad-core Exynos 4, that powered the phone in other markets.

So far these are the rumored specs:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 600
  • Or Octa-core Exynos 5
  • LCD3 display
  • Samsung’s infamous AMOLED display
  • 4.99-inch full-HD display
  • 2GB RAM, 16/32/64 GB storage options
  • 13-megapixel camera

These are good specs but nothing innovative, but are they enough for the hardcore user?. This is almost like an iPhone’s jump to 3G to 3GS or 4 to 4S. And I’ve said it before, I’m not really all that surprised. After all, how much more innovative can you get in a mobile phone?

As someone else commented on a popular forum, the fact that making phones bigger and bigger is not a direction to follow. Smartphone should fit in your pocket and if it fails to do so – it is a tablet. Don’t get me wrong people – I’m jumping sky high when I think about new GS, but looking at manufactures does feel like a size war.

What actually is the key for success is smoothness of software and good look. What happens right now is a situation when people get quad core, 5.5 inch monsters which tend to have stop-and-go series instead of butter slide. Come on, putting stronger hardware into crappy software is a war lost at the start line. Second thing I must admit I really don’t understand is the bloatware at the carrier-covered phones…But as many say: if you don’t know why something happens, it is because of the money ūüôā

There is also talk that only certain models will have snapdragon 600 and the international one will have Octa. Because before we even heard of the overheating rumors. There where benchmark leaks of the Korean and two of the US models of the Galaxy S4 having the snapdragon 600. And another note, the overheating reports came from the Korean company hints the Korean model having snapdragon 600. I believe the overheating issues are do to LTE compatibilities in Korea and the US.

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