G.Skill Ripjaws review

Currently G.Skill is one of the hottest companies that provides overclockers and gamers with outstanding memory modules. The G.Skill Ripjaws are no exception, great value but comes at a high cost.


These 16GB memory kit units come in 4 modules of 4GB, with latencies for optimum performance. Also includes the popular Ripjaws sink that provides high efficiency cooling to prevent overheating in long and intense gaming sessions.

The G.Skill Ripjaws specs:

  • DDR4 type system.
  • Multi-Channel Quad Channel Kit.
  • DDR4-3000 tested MHz speed (PC4-24000).
  • Latency tested 15-15-15-35.
  • Voltage 1.2V tested.
  • Error Checking Non-ECC.
  • Type 288-pin UDIMM.
  • 2133 MHz speed SPD.
  • SPD Voltage 1.2V.

Although they look good on paper, its price tag is an issue for most at $500 per 16Gb of DDR4? Seems rather high and its only being CL15, for that matter you might as well stretch it a bit and get a Corsair Dominator Platinum Series DDR4 at 3200 Mhz that also includes proper “Airflow”. PS: We do not just recommend them for the price, at this price there are much better alternatives as the top of the lines from Corsair.

Advantages: They are good memory modules.
Disadvantages: That price is not advisable, is over $150 above what they should cost. for a few dollars more you could get the F1 Dominator of Corsair such as DDR4 Platinum Series 3200 Mhz and Airflow.

The G.Skill Ripjaws feature 2133MHz stock, and the DDR4 overall provides a higher baseline of bandwidth than we are accustomed. Last but not least these modules use low voltage of 1.2V.

You are more than welcomed to insert your own review of the G.Skill Ripjaws 4 Black 16GB PC4-24000 4x4GB DDR4 3000 CL15.