For $47 you can now Pre-Order GTA 5 for PC

The latest news for GTA 5 that is set to arrive to PC is that you can now pre order it for $47.

The online store Green Man Gaming is currently selling Grand Theft Auto V, on sale for only $46.79 according to Gamespot, although it seems you need to register to get the deal.

The game is scheduled to be released: April 14, 2015 and will offer single player and multiplayer support, with support for 64 bit hardware and the game will require at least a quad core CPU although anything less than an i5 and 970GTX won’t cut it the game will also require a whopping 65GB of disk space.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC is said to be playable with 60FPS in 1080p, and support 4K monitors. gta-5-for-pc 1


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