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FIX: The Feed Does not Have Subscriptions by email Enabled

FeedBurner as we’ve come to know is one of the most useful web apps around. However some people may at times receive this error message

“The Feed Does not Have Subscriptions by email Enabled”

FeedBurner is used to gather email subscriptions to our blog, so we can keep touch of users who have subscribed to our feeds. Another nice feature of FeedBurner is that it is owned by Google so you can expect ease of use.

So back to our problem, this quick tutorial should help anyone who gets this FeedBurner error, that pretty much says that your subsciption feed does not include an email address.

Subscription fix 1

The issue as we stated has to do with the fact that your feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled.

To fix this problem you will need to log into your FeedBurner account and follow the steps below.

1. Login to Feedburner and login to your account with proper Credentials.
2. Find the site that is broken.
3. Now click on Publicize tab, find below Email Subscription
4. Click on Email Subscription and enable it.

Subscription fix 2

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