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Five useful apps for students

Because of the endless amounts of social networks nowadays students struggle to remain focused on their tasks. There are many distractions and few are able to resist the temptation to check out their profiles. Have you ever tried to use technology to combat procrastination or lack of will? Although it sounds contradictory, here we leave you a few applications that may be useful in studying.

5 apps to help students study
1. Self Control

Self Control is an application for Mac that blocks access to any website that distracts attention. Choose the ones you consume more time and block them for a period of time. Self Control will not prevent access to sites that you need for your study. This application is free.

2. Sworkit

Given that playing sports is very important during your study time, Sworkit can be of great help. Download this app and select the time period and the type of training you feel like (yoga, stretching or light cardio). This app is a great way to take a break while you’re studying because you spend so much time sitting.

3. StudyRoom

For students who better study in a group, StudyRoom is an application that could be very useful as it provides better contact between classmates. Its users will have direct access to notes, can get help from other students and chat with them. It’s free and can be used via a Facebook page or email.

4. StudyBuddy

The StudyBuddy application provides students the ability to study in groups from the comfort of their homes. This app has the role of a mentor and organizer that allows you to plan effective use of your time. It is available for both iOS and Android at a price of $1.30.

5. TED

Do you lack motivation? Occasionally check out one of the many motivational speeches found in TED. When you are just too lazy or just feel unable to study, indulge yourself in one of the motivational speakers and remember that hard work with creativity can provide splendid results.

Good luck and do not give up! 🙂

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