First 7″ HDR 4K Recording Monitors

Need a video monitor for you next film project ? And need to record at 4K ? Why not check out the latest from Atomos Shogun Flame that is if you’re OK with a 4K monitor @ 30p as it appears a 4K 60p recording monitor still not to be found…

With the newest Atomos Shogun Flame (SDI/HDMI) and Ninja Flame (HDMI-only), the company has improved upon both build quality and image quality, and is giving us one of the more advanced monitors we’ve seen yet. So what is HDR? High Dynamic Range, or HDR, allows for far more details in highlights and shadows, those that would generally be clipped when looking at a traditional Rec709 image. HDR theoretically gives you the best of both worlds between viewing an image in a traditional flat-looking Log, or viewing in a much crunchier Rec709 color space. Rather than constantly switching between Log and Rec709, the AtomHDR image will let you look at an image that has richer colors, but more dynamic range — up to 10 stops of luminance detail. At the moment, we have support for most Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and ARRI cameras capable of shooting a true log image.

Not only are these some of the most technologically advanced monitors on the market, but they are also some of the least expensive 4K recording monitors at $1,700 for the Shogun Flame and $1,300 for the Ninja Flame. Both of these will come with everything you see here:


atomos ninja flame shogun flame hero