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FingerReader, the ring that reads out loud

admin Jul 7

Every time you hear these types of stories one can’t help but feel good. And now FingerReader it seems everyone is talking about it, this simple device will help the blind to read books. This “Ring” has a small camera attached that it literally reads the text with your finger as you move across the screen. This camera recognizes the text that you are targeting and through a sound system, is able to play it out loud.


According to Business Insider:

Blind or otherwise visually impaired people can now read books without needing to learn braille, which is likened here to learning a new language, requiring daily practice.

Small, vibrating motors embedded in the ring whir to life to notify the user if his or her finger should stray too far away from the target text and when they hit the end of a line of text.

Such empowering functionality in such a portable form factor is sure to have a variety of applications apart from your standard leisure reading. Just consider what one guy told the Huffington Post:


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