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Find out the top 10 Android Lollipop tricks and tips

Android Lollipop 5.0 is the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system to date, with many new  additions that enhance the security and privacy of users and makes your Android device run faster and smoother.

Here are the best features, tips and tricks of Android Lollipop:

1. Better notifications

Several improvements were found in the form of better access and interaction with notifications. For example, with each incoming notification that  appears at the top of the screen you can slide it immediately to the left or right so it does not invade the screen.

Everything is now easier, runs smoother and extremely fast, in addition to added details that enrich the experience of Android were added.
2. Quicker access to configurations, more accessible and new options.

For example, a swipe down from the top bar of the phone you will see your notifications, but if you slide two fingers simultaneously down you can directly access a shortcut menu, which now include the option for Flashlight and Screen Cast  (Send video to your TV screen) to view content on a larger screen, as long as you have Google Chromecast, of course.

Quicker access to configurations, more accessible and new options

3. Reply messages or notifications directly

One detail that has existed since KitKat, but is now much more fluid is the option to answer or interact directly with notifications from the notification bar, where you can get back to your followers on Twitter, for example, respond or answer an email.

Reply messages or notifications directly

For more detail on certain notifications (email, social networks) you only have to slide the row for the notification down or slide with your two fingers from the center of the row (or corresponding row) sideways.

4. More detailed battery consumption info / battery saving mode

In that same bar, if you touch the percentage of battery you will see detailed information about your battery consumption. On the right side of the bar you’ll see a button with three dots. When you touch it you will access a menu of options where you can select a battery saving mode.

More detailed battery consumption info _ battery saving mode -1

Right there, in the round blue icon with form of a person you can directly access user profiles, because now Lollipop allows you to create guest users so that, if lend your smartphone to others they can not access your private content.

More detailed battery consumption info _ battery saving mode-2

All shortcuts menu options take you to a full or detailed menu (you have to select the text in each), including of course the connections.


5. Much Better security

In fact, many of the Lollipop improvements will focus with the issue of security.

Screen pinning (Set Display)

One of the favorite features is Screen pinning, with which you can select an application or window to “freeze” it on the screen, so that when providing your phone or tablet at a given time to someone, others can not access your private content, but only to the application that you show them or to give them access at a given time.

To configure you have to go first to the Settings -> Security -> Screen-pinning and select the checkbox to activate. Select “Start“. Once that is done, now every application on your multitasking window will have an icon in the form of tack, when touched, will put a padlock on the phone and will only run the application that are pinned or selected. To disable this function or mode, you just press the Back button and Multitasking button for a few seconds.

Much Better security lollipop

6. Quick Settings from the lock screen

Another Lollipop improvement is the interaction when the phone screen is locked, where several details were added, such as the option to access the shortcut menu without unlocking the screen, or to directly access the phone’s camera function with swipe your finger from the right or left upper corner to the opposite side, respectively.

7. Protection of content from the lock screen

An important addition to Lollipop adds privacy to your smartphone is the option to choose which notifications you want to appear on your lock screen, so that others can not access certain private messages.

To choose what you notifications you want that are visible from the lock screen (when you do this modification you can still see all your notifications in your notification bar, from the Home screen) go to Settings -> Sound and notification When device is locked. There you can choose whether you want to see all notifications from lock screen, or if you only want to hide certain “sensitive” content, or if you want to clear all notifications.

To activate it and these 3 new option appear your device should be protected with some phone lock method or PIN, password or pattern (which is highly recommended). Once selected the option to protect sensitive content, on your lock screen you will see notifications that no longer appear in preview, ie you know you have a notification from certain apps, but no one besides you can read or view its specific content .

phone lock - lollipop

8. Mark applications as sensitive or give them prioritization

To customize or block certain applications notifications go App Notifications notifications or applications (or from Start-> Settings-Applications->notifications-> Sound and Notifications application), select the app you want and tap the Lock or Priority box, depending on the option you prefer.

9. Priority Notifications and more personalized Do Not Disturb

To configure the notifications priority mode, so you only see the most important notifications at the moment where you do not want to be interrupted, press the volume button. In the menu that appears select the option you want, ie No notifications or only priority Notifications. Choose between “Indefinitely” or “For an hour” (You can add more hours selecting the icon in the form of “more”). To customize the priority notifications, touch the setup icon. A menu opens and there you can select the checkboxes for the notifications you want to receive.

To remove this mode, repeat the process and select “All notices”.

Priority Notifications and more personalized Do Not Disturb

10. Play hidden Easter egg

Finally, a curious and fun Lollipop detail is a hidden but addictive game inspired by Flappy Bird. Google has always hidden an image on their smartphones inspired by the version of its operating system, but this time it gone much further with this great surprise or, as they call it, Easter Egg.

To find out you have to go to Settings->Phone Info and where it says Android version 5.0.1– in this case you have to press quickly multiple to reach the Lollipop image. Touching the palette colors it makes it change every time, but if we press and hold the play option opens.

Play hidden Easter egg lollipop

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