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Fifa 16 more realistic but is it better than Pro Evolution Soccer?

Fifa 16 is here but does it live up to the hype?


Once again, EA Sports decided to go with the safe route and unfortunately not much has been innovated. “FIFA 16” can be an excellent football game, may have quite updated graphics and can even have a fun-filled multiplayer. But in the end , the game is a lot like “FIFA 15”, which was already a lot like “FIFA 14” . There is no revolution in the way we play virtual soccer anymore, there are no major changes in any aspect of the game.

Meanwhile, Konami continues to improve “Pro Evolution Soccer” reducing the gap day by day now and has been huge for the FIFA series. Does this means that you should not buy FIFA 16 ? Maybe. There are now more realistic play options in itsĀ  gameplay that surely has left the game more realistic – though less dynamic – and what’s new in Career Mode and Ultimate Team mode will it be enough to make you play the series for another year. And if so for how long?

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