Facebook Video Took 25% Of All Super Bowl Ad Views, YouTube loses

I guess one could say move over YouTube, there is a new king in town at least when it comes to Super Bowl ad views.

Apparently Facebook has managed to achieve a whopping 25% viewership of all Super Bowl Ads.
According to Visible Measures, an advertising company whose True Reach analytics tool measures online viewership. 

“Facebook is a place where if your friends are discussing something, they’re sharing something or commenting on something, a video can dramatically outperform YouTube, and that’s never really happened before,” said Brian Shin, CEO of Visible Measures.

Posting video on Facebook paid off big time for several advertisers, including Budweiser, whose “Lost Dog” commercial was the most viewed ad of Super Bowl XLIX. “Lost Dog” has been viewed online more than 57 million times, according to True Reach, and more than half of those views have come from Facebook (29 million), rather than YouTube (24 million). By posting the ad to both video platforms, Budweiser was able to more than double its campaign’s effectiveness, Shin said. 


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