Facebook activates its ‘Safety Check’ after the attacks in Brussels

Button that users can use to tell their friends that they are safe.

This tool has already been activated after the attacks in Paris in November 2015 “so that the people there could let their friends and family they are well during the horrific events that took place” because of the “great amount of activity” they observed in the social network as events were unfolding, according to the vice president of Facebook, Alex Schultz.


In this regard, he added that Facebook became “the place where people were sharing information and trying to understand the condition of their loved ones,” and that was when employees of the social network decided for the first time, to “activate the ‘Safety check’.

The initiative goes back to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011 and subsequent nuclear disaster. The tool was developed by the engineers of the social network when it first came out in October last year and has been activated in various situations since then, such as the earthquakes in Afghanistan, Chile and Nepal, as well as Cyclone Pam in the Pacific and Philippines typhoon Ruby.