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EVGA GTX 980 HYBRID comes with liquid cooling from factory

The new model from the company will arrive with a liquid cooling system for the GPU and cool its memory system and the power system by air.

Although not a new method (AMD’s Radeon R9 295X2), however it is interesting that EVGA who is more known for releasing its video cards with a custom cooling model has now chosen to use liquid as a coolant for its fastest card.

Although technically does not rely solely on a liquid cooling system it is more between a liquid cooling system and by air, we are talking about the EVGA GTX 980 HYBRID.

The water cooling system is powered by a 120 mm radiator coupled with a single fan of the same size and has a pump block for GPU cooling. Moreover, similar to the reference design fan used to cool the other components, it is complemented with a metal backplate for the rear of the card.

Another neat addition is the that if you already have a standard GTX 980, from EVGA they will also sell separately a water cooling system so we can integrate it into your video cards. According EVGA; this system is able lower the 980 from 70 degrees in the reference model down to 43 degrees.

As standard the GTX 980 Hybrid comes with a base speed of 1,291 MHz and 1,393 MHz with Boost, but thanks to the EVGA Precision software you can further increase frequencies. On the other hand, comes with 4GB GDDR5 memory running at 7010MHz same found in reference models.

According to vrworld, The liquid-cooled portion directs heat away from the GPU, while the included air cooler is used to cool the memory and VRM sections of the video card.

Its price is said to be around $650 US dollars, while the cooling system is sold separately for $100 dollars. In Europe expect to pay 750 Euros for the card and 120 Euros for the cooling system.

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