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EVGA GeForce GTX780 SuperClocked, Reaches Titan level performace

The first graphics card Nvidia 700 series is here. As expected Nvidia has officially launched the GeForce GTX 780. This new graphics card is based on the same core of Titan GTX but with some features cut and priced lower.

The GeForce 780 has incorporated the GK 110 core (version GK110-300) with 12 SMX units active of the core 15 that the GK 110 has, this means that it incorporates 2304 CUDA Cores, 384 less than the GTX Titan also incorporates 192 TMUs and 48 ROPs. This graphics card uses the same memory bus of the GTX Titan, 384 bits, but the amount of GDDR5 memory decreases to 3 GB.

EVGA-GTX-780 benchmark

res_metro2 res_metro1 res_crysis_2

Nvidia has smartly used this video card continue to make profit as they are holding out on the GK110 for a year, however Nvidia has priced these cards very high even though they only use GK104, this device is pure greed

The GPU has an operating frequency of 863 MHz, this frequency can be increased up to 902 MHz with GPU Boost Technology 2.0, the memory has an operating frequency of 6 GHz effective. It has a bandwidth of 288 GB / s and its TDP is 250W.

The new GTX 780 comes with two PCIe connectors for power, one 6-pin and one 8. It has four video outputs, one HDMI, one DisplayPort, and two DVI. Its price is hovering around $649.

Some of the benefits of EVGA GeForce GTX780 SuperClocked card include:

  • very noticeable performance increase over GTX 680
  • very close to Titan like performance
  • lots of overclock room to increase performance in games
  • The the included ACX cooler does a wonderful job at keeping the video card nice and cool
  • quiet fans
  • you can max out to graphics and all the latest video games and expect over 60 frames per seconds

You will also be able to reach Titan level performance with very little difficulty and have more room to grow your overclock

EVGA GeForce GTX780 SuperClocked Specs:

  • Base Clock: 967 MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1020 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 6008 MHz Effective
  • CUDA Cores: 2304
  • 3072MB GDDR5 384bit Memory
  • Microsoft DirectX 11.1 API with Direct compute 5.0 Support, OpenGL 4.3 Support, OpenCL support
  • NVIDIA TXAA, NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0, NVIDIA PhysX, NVIDIA FXAA, NVIDIA Adaptive Verticle Sync, NVIDIA Surround, NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready, NVIDIA 3-Way SLI Ready, NVIDIA CUDA Technologies
  • PCI express 3.0

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