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EVGA announces dual BIOS for its graphics cards

admin Aug 8

EVGA announced that its high-end graphics cards will now have dual BIOS to allow recovery to factory settings by simply moving a physical switch on the card itself. This is something that comes standard with AMD Radeon HD 7970, but we still had not seen it in NVIDIA (remember that only works with NVIDIA EVGA).

GTX 760

In fact, in some models, EVGA will include up to 3 BIOS settings to choose from and can work with custom BIOS for overclock or different profiles without fear of leaving the graphics card totally unusable. In models with 3 BIOS settings, one of them will provide a high profile factory overclocking setting.


This double (and triple) BIOS in principle will be available from now on all EVGA graphics cards of the high-end GeForce GTX 700, ie from the GTX 760 and up. In the list below we show the models announced by EVGA to have this BIOS with the number of each, and its serial number, so if are looking to buy one of these EVGA graphic cards be sure to read below.


You can access to all the information on this dual EVGA BIOS from their website.


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