Enermax Announces ELC120-TB, ELC120-TA and ELC240 water cooling blocks

Enermax has announced the introduction of three new closed circuit water cooling systems, these are the models ELC120-TB-TA and ELC240 ELC120. They make use of a patented “Cold Plate” which, according to Enermax engineers, manages to break the heat dissipation physical bottlenecks within the structure.

According to the theory of fluid mechanics, in other cooling systems it obstructs the flow continuously in the aluminum layer obstructing  the fans for heat dissipation, with the addition of four bypass channels, Enermax successfully prevents such layer, improving liquid flow into the sink eliminating hotspots in a much more effective way.

Moreover, its fans are made ??using a patented Twister bearing, while the ELC240 and ELC120-TB models make use of “top European fans” TBSilence, while the ELC120-TA comes with two TBApollish fans with LED lighting.

The closed circuit water cooling systems ELC12 and ELC240 by Enermax are designed to operate in a reliable and leak-free way for years by using quality components with high durability. The pump has a durable ceramic bearing ensuring stable performance and a low noise, while the tubes are constructed with FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) seamless material, offering great flexibility and endurance, and to prevent liquid evaporation.

The three water cooling systems support the current Intel and AMD platforms, hitting the market next week at a price of 89.90 euros for ELC120-TB/TA models and 119.90 euros for the ELC240. In November they will launch a new high-performance model, the ELC125.

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