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Dr Dre Beats Solo Review, Is It Worth It ?

Sam Apr 4

Whats good:

  • The overall quality:  the build quality of these is exceptional. The combo of metallic, leather and strong plastic make these truly feel exceptional when they make contact with you and nothing like they’re cheap and will break at any moment.
  • Packing: I do not think I have seen packaging on nearly anything which was pretty much as good as this. The box looks real tough you could possibly run it over with a car and it would not break a sweat. Shipping was good it arrived in the mail via a plastic bag and looked beautiful.
  • Components: The neat carry bag for them is a beneficial addition as will be the microfiber cloth and also the detachable cable. There worst then receiving something new only to find that something is broken or cable is missing.

What I do not like.
The audio quality- I realize plenty of folks out there claim that Beats are awful without really having tested them. Your best bet is to test the models in a retail store and see if you are impressed or not. I have put in the final day with them instead of my usual Denon AH-D2000’s and all I’m able to say that cheap, 2 dollar headphones you get a junk store seem superior.

Dr Dre Solo Review

Along with the app on my HTC One and also the inventory songs application on iOS there was a mixture of “tin can noise” and a weighty overture of sub woofer I assume you surely do not need to stress about screeching about 2.5K+ as it really is scarcely distinguishable higher than the rumble of bass. I place it into EQu for IOS (a decent graphics EQ) and that i can unquestionably receive a far better sound away from them. They go from certainly horrible to mediocre and are absolutely not really worth $250 – I am happy I got them at no cost.


The fit – I do not know if this is because they are new but it feels like soon after about 5-10 minutes my head is currently being sandwiched by what appears to be two soft bricks.

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