DJI Phantom 4: the drone able to overcome obstacles and tracks its operator

Its pretty clear that drones are here to stay, even though they are fighting strict regulations in the countries to try to reduce this phenomenon that has transcended into professional services bridging a gap from a mere hobby. The evolution of these flying machines by remote control continues. DJI, the world’s largest manufacturer, has taken another step with the introduction of its new high-end model, Phantom 4 capable of overcoming many obstacles and even follows its operator in an automated manner.

This is a new step towards true automation of drones. This model incorporates a collision avoidance system, which allows through different obstacles while flying. Through a series of sensors embedded such as ultrasound, which act as eyes, this drone has the ability to see in three dimensions and react to unforeseen. This mechanism will, should “see” an obstacle approaching will slow down to avoid a collision. Since the control device used by the operator will be alerted by visual and audible alerts of relevant information. Comes with Lightbridge integrated technology that will check the environment from a screen with resolution 720 p HD and a maximum distance of 5 kilometers.

Other great improvements are included in the Phantom 4. There’s a new remote that can receive video from 3.1 miles away in ideal conditions. There’s a redundant compass and inertial measurement unit (IMU), which DJI says provides additional reliability and sensing capabilities. There’s also a “Pause button” that you can hit in the middle of any autonomous flight, and the quadcopter will stop moving and hover in place.

The camera has been upgraded, too. The 4K video added in the Phantom 3 is still here, but now 1080p can shoot 120FPS video. There’s also a new 8-element lens that DJI says increases corner sharpness and has less distortion.