Details on upcoming SoC Intel Atom SoFIA and Broxton are revealed

From Golem we get some details on the future SoC Intel Atom “SoFIA”, and “Broxton” , based on micro, based on the Airmont Goldmont architectures respectively. These SoC will focus on smartphones and tablets, and represent a major advance in order to adapt to market requirements increasingly focused on this segment.

The SoC SoFIA belongs to Airmont architecture that will make its debut in the second half of next year with Anniedale, and together form the Merriefield platform. The SoC SoFIA have two nuclei and four Anniedale, and both will feature Intel ‘s next-generation graphics, and will be manufactured with a process of manufacture in 14 nanometers. While SoFIA will target tablets and smartphones based on the lower-middle range, the Anniedale SoC will be for high-end smartphones. Is expected between January and June 2015 Intel launched a version of SoFIA with an integrated 4G – LTE modem.

As for the SoC Broxton, it belong to Morganfield and Willow Trail,  and will be focused to be used in both smartphones and tablets in a unified way. Will have a manufacturing process in 14 nanometers and will feature 4 Goldmont cores and the next generation Intel HD graphics. Is expected to be launched in 2015, but no one knows exactly when.

Additionally, the Merrifield  platform Intel plans to launch the Tangier SoC , consisting of two cores Silvermont , and Intel HD graphics. It is aimed at smartphones and manufactured with a manufacturing process in 22 nanometers. It is expected to make its appearance between January and June next year.

Moreover, under the Cherry Trail platform, Intel might launch the Intel SoC Cherryview that would count with four Airmont cores and Intel HD graphics. They are manufactured with a 14-nanometer process and will be focused on tablets.

As we see, a total mess of names that will start making an appearance little by little, but leave fairly clear Intel’s strategy of focusing on the market of smartphones and tablets for the next two years. Hopefully this is not the result of Intel sidelining the desktop PC market which is what interests us.

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