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How to disable video autoplay on Instagram

admin Dec 12

Are you low on data on your mobile phone but do not want to give up your favorite social network? Learn how to remove autoplay video on Instagram and even mute videos by default if you are in an environment in which there can be no noise. Find out how.

1: Access the video settings

You enjoy the App and now you’re hooked on Instagram. However, this addiction has caused your privacy to be increasingly threatened  leaving you vulnerable.

The autoplay of videos on Instagram has caused many to question the features of it, hopefully this guide will help you

To do this go to your profile on this network (click on the icon on the bottom right of the application).

Once inside, click on the icon with the three dots at the top right of the screen (iOS users will find a tool, but the procedure is the same).

You will see several options. click on “Videos” to modify the parameters to the default in the application and remove the video  Instagram autoplay once and for all.

2: Disable autoplay for videos

You will see different options related to playing videos on the platform. This is where you can click “Preload only Wi-Fi”.

Thus, autoplay will only be activated when you are connected to a wireless network and not when you use your mobile data.

However, there is no option to disable this function completely, only when we are consuming our data.

3: Sound off videos

Furthermore, withing the configuration of videos there is also a rather interesting feature for everyone using the application in an environment in which there can be noise, for example you are putting your baby to sleep or find yourself in the subway.

For this we need to turn off the sound on videos Instagram. Uncheck the “Play Sound”.

In this way, so we’ll just click on the sound icon (top right of the video) to enable sound. If not activated, you will see all videos with no sound by default.

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