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D-Link is releasing its new DCH-G020 hub with QR codes

admin Dec 12

Home automation has long existed, but it was not until the arrival of the “smart” devices that has taken a leading role in most electronics shows in the world. The manufacturer D-Link has now presented a new device that aims to “rule them all”. It is the hub DCH-G020, a hub that allow you to connect to a wide variety of home automation devices (IP cameras, sensors, windows, light bulbs, etc.) to control them all from a single application.

D-Link will introduce the new DCH-G020 at CES to be held in Las Vegas in early January, and until then we will not know all the details of the device. What we do know is that the body has already been approved by the FCC, and through this DCH-G020 hub we can connect a wide variety of home automation devices manually or through QR codes, so we can control them all from a single application, you probably can install it on tablets and smartphones to control all our “smart home” devices from one site.

D-Link-QR- DCH-G020

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