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Create an Apple ID in the U.S. App Store without a credit card

admin Sep 9

If you want to create an ID in the American Apple App Store so you can download restricted apps, you only need to follow the steps in this tutorial and in less than five minutes can enjoy Spotify, LastFM, the new Google Maps, among much more.

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Steps to follow to get an account on the U.S. App Store

We must open iTunes, then click on “iTunes Store”, scroll down the entire application and click on the flag in the bottom right.

Then search all available flags which corresponds to the U.S. and we click on it.

Apple - Choose your country or regionNow we need to click on the ” App Store”, located in the current design at the top center.

Create an Apple ID in the U.S. App Store -1

After that, we need to find a simple free application and try to download, can be found in the right sidebar at the bottom. By doing this, it will ask us to sign in with a user login, but there will be a button that says ” Create Apple ID ” and that’s where we need to click.

Now is when we go to register as users residing in the United States. By proceeding to create our account, select the ” Payment Method”, “none”, we must also specify an email that we are not using in the app store of our current country and must indicate a real physical address in the United States, it may ask you for a real phone in USA but this is no problem. Using the Internet you can find a real address and real phone number of any American company and provide that data into the App Store.


The purpose of this tutorial is not to trick the App Store based on a few simple steps but enjoy applications that are restricted in many countries, to apply these steps it won’t even take 5 minutes.

How to use my U.S. App Store ID on my iPhone or iPad

Since the iPhone allows users to exchange their App Store accounts of their country from the U.S. App Store as often as needed by only clicking on “Settings“, “iTunes Store and App Store”, click on your Apple ID, “Disconnect“, log in with your new U.S. App Store ID and search for, say, Google Maps, that now you can download the new version.

This does not erase previously installed applications and after downloading, we go back to disconnect from that account and connect with our existing account of the App Store of our country, that is up to each user to think about, as also the responsibility of each of the changes you may make. In our case, everything went great, now enjoy.

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