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Could the Steam Machine from CiberPower PC challenge next-gen consoles ?

admin Aug 8

CiberPowerPC is one of the Valve partners involved in the development of the Steam Machines, mini PCs oriented for games that run the OS from Steam, the Valve operating system is based on Linux. It is expected that the company could start offering their Steam Machines starting next year (expected for this year but there have been some delays relating to Steam OS that forced to delay the release date of the Steam Machines) and emphasizes especially the latest model announced with hardware features like the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One of Microsoft, at a good price ($499).


This model is named Steam Machine A, and as we mentioned it comes with a price of $499. Of course its configuration is scalable, ie, that if you a bigger budget you can get a more powerful system by changing its hardware configuration, but in this basic configuration it already rivals the next-gen consoles. Take a look at this graph to see just how powerful it is.Steam machine vs consoleVia Cinemablend

By comparison, the CPU (even on the lower end of the scale) still outshines the Xbox One and PS4, and the GPU either lower or higher end completely stomps a mudhole in both the Xbox One and PS4, given that the APU’s in the XB1 and PS4 are around the Radeon 7790 when it comes to GPU power. That’s not to mention that the 16GB of RAM really does trump the 8GB in the home consoles.

In simple terms, for the same price of an Xbox One you could have a mean Steam Machine, and for a little more than a PS4 you could still have a mean Steam Machine. Regardless, you’re getting way more in a Steam Machine than what you’re getting from the next-gen devices from Sony and Microsoft.




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