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Core i7- 4960X VS AMD:FX- 9590, What is best for PC gamers ?

admin Sep 9

The new top of the line processor chip is here, and is here to stay. This new chip is based on Intel Ivy Bridge- E architecture and is manufactured in 22nm process, the latter being the most important evolutionary change compared to Core i7- 3960X, which is based on Sandy Bridge- E and manufactured in Consequently, 32nm process.

Core i7 4960X vs the FX 9590

After this latest release by Intel it is definitely a good time to get in to see the performance offered in a comparison, where we will see how the Core i7-4960X fights against the FX-9590.

Before going on we will show each CPU specifications .

Core i7- 4960X :

  • 6 cores and 12 threads .
  • 3.6GHz – 4GHz frequency in normal mode and turbo .
  • 15 MB of L3 cache .
  • Support DDR3 1866 MHz quad- channel mode .
  • TDP of 130W .
  • Price 990 euros.

FX- 9590 :

  • Complete 4 modules and 8 threads.
  • 4.7 GHz -5 GHz frequency in normal mode and turbo .
  • 8 MB of L3 cache .
  • TDP of 220W .
  • Support 2.133 MHz DDR memory in dual channel mode .
  • Price 299 euros .

That said without further ado we see the different results that shed both processors in synthetic tests and games.

Core i7- 4960X VS AMD:FX- 9590 Synthetic tests



As we see the Intel alternative is at its best in these tests, which clearly marks the difference from the FX- 9590. As an example we cited Cinebench R11.5 , where it shows superior performance by 54.2 % when using all cores and 33.1 % performance improvement using only one core . Clearly the IPC in the Intel chip is much higher.

Core i7- 4960X VS AMD:FX- 9590 Games






i7- 4960X game benchmark

In games the performance difference goes in favor of the Core i7- 4960X, but not enough to make it an interesting option for those who want their PC to play.

In conclusion we can say that the Core i7- 4960X is the most powerful desktop processor in the market but is very expensive. Is it worth it ? For 90% of current users NO, because its price-performance ratio is not at all good .

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