Copy conversation history of WhatsApp to your new Nexus 6

If you just bought a new Nexus 6, we will show you how to install WhatsApp without losing your conversation history from your old smartphone.

whats up

  1. The first thing we do is in the smartphone we will stop using, save WhatsApp  conversation history on a microSD card, that we will later use on your new smartphone. So we open the WhatsApp application, select the Main Menu, and click on Settings Chat.
  2. Below us a new menu will appear, in which we will click on the Save Conversations option. A message appears indicating that the save is being conducted. We recommend to follow all instructions of this tutorial, because any conversation history in WhatsApp you have after doing this copy will be lost in the new smartphone.
  3. Now we leave WhatsApp and go to file explorer in our smartphone. We look for the folder WhatsApp and we do a long press  of the Menu, which will select the Copy option when it appears. In the top menu the Copying message appears, you click on it and select the copy destination, which in this case will be the SD card.
  4. Now let’s change smartphones, and take grab the Nexus 6. Remember that you can only have WhatsApp installed on a single device, which it must do right when you go to take down your old smartphone. First place our SD card and then install WhatsApp. When we do, we will get a message saying that the application has found a backup in case you want to restore. We will click on the Restore button. When the process is complete click on the Continue button.
  5. It’s that simple. We will now have our new Nexus 6 with WhatsApp installed and with all our message history.