[Computex 2011] RevoDrive Hybrid, interesting concept


OCZ, the specialist manufacturer of solid state drives presented the RevoDrive Hybrid, a computer storage solution based on a PCI Express card that comes with flash memory and hard drive.

As the name suggests the new RevoDrive uses a hybrid configuration that combines mechanical storage and solid state storage in a PCIe x4 card. SSD can use multiple SandForce controllers arranged in RAID acting as cache for the hard disk.

The RevoDrive Hybrid achieves data transfer speeds of 575 to 500 Mbytes per second with random write rates of 4 KB of 30,000 IOPS.

Although final specifications have not been defined by OCZ will offer hard drive configurations with 500 GB and 60 GB SSD and a second model with 1 Tbyte hard drive and SSD of 120 Gbytes.

It is expected that these hybrid storage solutions will be available in July from $ 350. An interesting concept that adds large capacity hard drives and the performance of solid state drives.

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