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Comparison: Siri vs Google Now vs Cortana

admin Apr 4

With the introduction of Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft has included its own virtual assistant and have called it Cortana, as the artificial intelligence bot of the video game series Halo. Cortana joins Siri and Google Now in the fight to be the best assistant. Here we review the main features of each.

Virtual personal assistants have been established as a standard for the smartphone. Apple introduced Siri which pioneered for its iOS devices. Soon after, Google introduced its Google Now service and recently Microsoft has released Cortana, a new player who joins in this race to be the best virtual assistant on a mobile device. With the presentation yesterday, Cortana has attracted worldwide attention and is show by Microsoft have left very few disappointed and Cortana seems work better than its opponents, especially Siri because of its greater similarity.

Siri  ios-7-siri

The pioneer of personal assistants must have left been somewhat obsolete with the advent of Google Now, and especially now with the demonstration of the possibilities of Cortana shown yesterday. With Siri you can call a contact either via Voice or Facetime, enter events or reminders, users can start applications or games, dictate and send messages, ask about the weather or other issues such as the location of a restaurant, among other functions. In its early versions, voice recognition was perhaps its greatest weakness, but has been greatly improved and now may be its strong point. In addition, Apple has provided a comic attitude in some situations when answering our questions, which makes this service pretty funny.

Google Now
With the advent of Google Now, Siri had its first rival. With this assistant we can do most typical functions, ask for a restaurant, ask for the time or organize our calendar. The big advantage is that behind Google Now it has all the power and utility of the most widely used search engine worldwide and that allows you to not have to rely on third-party web services. Also, while in use, Google Now collects user data to predict their wishes. Another advantage that Google Now has is its presence in computers, whether Mac or Windows and iOS devices in the form of application. In this format it is unrivaled since Siri limits its presence to only iOS devices (not all) and Cortana currently works only in Windows Phone 8.1.

The last assistant to arrive, or rather the latest is Cortana, available for devices running Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft yesterday showed all its power and was blowing away the audience of the presentation, as its possibilities seem to be very high. Key features include the ability to use natural voice commands to communicate with “her”or options to be used by third party applications that Microsoft will make available to developers tools to enter voice commands into their applications, although, not surprisingly, with the current of Microsoft. Besides this, Cortana can learn from user preferences and interactions to improve responses, similar to what is offered by Google Now. In this case Siri is at a distinct disadvantage, since Apple has not implemented any learning system for iys assistant.


Cortana is now here and shown yesterday after not disappoint at all and everyone has been impressed by its dability and power , revealing the personal assistant of iOS . Remains to be seen how it will perform on a day to day, but both Google and Microsoft have played his cards well and now it’s Apple Siri improve if it wants to stay out of the race .

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