Colonizing mars is not as easy as though, 24 settlers selected

If Colonizing mars could be as easy as it was in Total Recall, sadly this is not turning out the case as those selected to join the “one way ” mission to mars are expressing their doubts, and probably their fears. The project is being spearheaded by Mars One and Lockheed Martin together with Surrey Satellite Technology.

The latest such “settler” is Joseph Roche, an astrophysicist and lecturer at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, who has written on the Guardian newspaper to express his thoughts on the possible ordeal.

total-recall-and real life mission

“I do not think we will see a one-way mission in my lifetime,” Roche wrote in an article published on Wednesday in the Guardian newspaper.

The proposed mission to mars is scheduled to take place in 10 years from now, and will include 24 earthly settlers looking to call Mars home.

“Although Mars One was never likely to overcome the financial and technical barriers during the proposed timeline, it was refreshing to hear a new idea that challenges us to think about our own role in the future of space exploration,” Roche wrote.


“I think that the shortcomings of the selection process, coupled with (Mars One’s) unwillingness to engage and collaborate with the scientific community, means that the time might have come for Mars One to acknowledge the implausibility of this particular venture,” Roche said in the essay.

Mars One denied that candidates’ financial contributions affect the selection process. Many successful candidates “have never contributed financially beyond the application fee, and there are many that did contribute significantly, but were not selected to proceed to the next selection round,” Mars One communications director Suzanne Flinkenflögel wrote in an email to Reuters.


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