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Close all open sessions on your Android with one click

admin Dec 12

In this tutorial we show you a way to improve the security of your data and Android accounts thanks to an application that closes all sessions at once.

Do you use your smartphone alot? do you install applications that contain personal information, such as Facebook, banks apps, Google Play, WhatsApp, and many others?.

And we often do not realize that when we pay using our smartphone, anyone can get into these applications and see the data as it usually based on user sessions of these apps and they do not close unless we do it one by one, even after turning the on  the smartphone. If we know that at one point our smartphone will be in the hands of third parties and are looking to close all your personal sessions, better than do it one by one we could install an app to close all sessions simultaneously, and this is precisely what we will show you in this tutorial.

close all sessions android


  • Actually the steps are very simple. The first thing we do is download from Google Play the applications that we are going to use, called Log Out! And install it granting it the permissions required. Keep in mind that Log Out closes all sessions that we have open in our Android smartphone, including Google Play, so we must be sure before using it to remember all users and passwords.
  • Once installed, open the application from the icon that has been created for us inside Android Apps. Immediately after using it gives us a warning that if we continue forward will close all sessions. If we are sure, click on the Log Out button to close all accounts, and that’s it.


  • It is possible that the application does not close completely all background applications. It is therefore advisable, the first time we use it, to check if a session has not been closed, in which case we will close it manually.

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