Digital Cameras

Canon EOS 100D SLR Best Entry Level DSLR

A digital SLR camera is something quite popular now at days, and many of you are looking into getting into the DSLR world but are probably not very well informed as to the various products currently available.

This is why getting an entry level DSLR camera is the way to go.

Canon EOS 100D

The Canon EOS 100D is a small, lightweight digital SLR that can be taken anywhere. It features 18 megapixels to provides superb photos and movies, and has an optical viewfinder, and intuitive touchscreen controls to make it easier to adjust your photos. If you plan on taking photos on low light conditions the Canon EOS 100D features High-quality shooting with low noise with a compact digital SLR camera that you can take anywhere

Some key features of the Canon EOS 100D

  • Taking pictures with 18 megapixels and record Full HD movies with the same camera
  • Quick to use, with optical viewfinder and controls that respond quickly
  • Easy to use, large touch screen
    Start shooting quickly and easily with the Smart Scene mode
  • 18-megapixel CMOS
  • Stunning photos in low light
  • Continuous AF during movie recording
  • Powerful DIGIC processing

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