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Can Windows 10 be installed in Android Smartphones ? Microsoft says yes

It is arguable that Windows 10 is probably the last chance for Microsoft to make users fall in love with its windows mobile smartphones. And current previews seem very optimistic, new features promise to be good, but all the previous information was just overshadowed.

It looks in fact that Microsoft is very interested in the idea of stealing Google Android supporters and migrating them into their products. As Microsoft boasted that Windows 10 can be installed on smartphones running the “green robot”.

As was reported by CNET.

Windows 10 - Android Install

So just how will people be able to install Windows 10 on an Android device? Through a custom-based ROM, TechCrunch reported Wednesday. Such ROMs (read-only memory), which are essentially installable images of an operating system, are typically used to overwrite a device’s existing OS with a customized one.

For example, CyanogenMod offers a customized Android ROM that can replace the Android build that comes with a device. In this case, the flashed ROM would override Android, thereby transforming the device into a full-fledged Windows 10 phone outfitted with the necessary Microsoft services.

Although early reports indicate that CyanogenMod users may have a tough procedure in terms of upgrading to Windows 10.

Greater mystery is whether Android will be replaced by Windows 10, or we may be talking about dual-boot functionality allowing users the opportunities to work with the two systems.

It is worth noting that these are not rumors, because it was said by Microsoft themselves. The company showed off the Xiaomi, and the first “Android-Windows” smartphone that has had the opportunity to install Windows 10 in its Xiaomi Mi 4.


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