Breaking: Intel announces unlocked Broadwell due for second quarter

Tired of your old Haswell? Don’t worry as Intel is announcing it will release an unlocked version of its popular Broadwell CPU. Don’t worry you can still keep you existing LGA1150 motherboards and the superb Z97 platform.

These Broadwell CPU’s will support low 65W TDPs for unlocked quad-core models. And looking ahead Intel plans to release the secretive Skylake-S in Q3, right around for Computex 2015.

Both Broadwell and Skylake are fabricated from the same 14nm process node, although Skylake, obviously, is the most up-to-date CPU architecture of the duo. Both new CPUs being released in such a similar timeframe marks a new (enforced – ed) strategy from Intel, one where it will allow two different mainstream platforms to co-exist at the same time – LGA1150 with Haswell and Broadwell CPUs, LGA1151 with Skylake CPUs. That is in addition to its enthusiast platform, current based on the X99 chipset and Haswell-E CPUs, which is slated for an upgrade to Broadwell-E CPUs in Q1 of 2016.


intel road map 2015 1

intel road map 2015 2