Brazil arrested the vice president of Facebook of Latin America for harboring privacy of user

Diego Dzodan is vice president of Facebook in Latin America and, since Tuesday, he was an alleged criminal. Brazilian federal police arrested him in Garulhos morning, a town near Sao Paulo. According to authorities, the senior executive had refused to provide information about a WhatsApp user involved in a drug trafficking case. Reminds us of Tim Cook and his resounding “no” to the US government, but a little further south. Marcel Maia, the judge investigating the Brazilian case has ordered the arrest of Dzodan for “obstructing the police investigation.”

The Guardian however has since reported he has been freed.

Diego Dzodan, Facebook’s most senior representative in Latin America, left a jail in Sao Pãulo on Wednesday after one night in custody on a warrant issued by a judge in the north-eastern state of Sergipe. A judge ruled he was wrongly detained because he was not named personally in the legal proceedings.

The shocking developments are just a reminder how interconnected we are with technology and how much tech companies and law enforcement need to cooperate.