Blackberry releases its Samsung Galaxy Tab S – SecuTABLET, price over $2000

BlackBerry still working on new devices to ensure the safety of the user, therefore, its next step will be selling its SecuTablet, the tablet with the Canadian company plans to launch in the market and stand up to Apple. Remember that it is not the first time it has tried to break into the market with these devices, in 2012 launched, with little success, the Playbook.

Blackberry logo

In the hands of IBM and Samsung, BlackBerry presented in the CeBIT Technology Fair 2015, held in Germany, its new tablet focused on high security, based on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 S.

It is a device that will include the ultra safe SECUsmart, encryption technology with which the company aims to protect customers that are in the security business. In this way, they can use applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or WhatsApp without fear of being spied on or having their conversations intercepted.


“Security is embedded in every part of the portfolio of BlackBerry, which includes voice and data encryption”, said Hans-Christoph Quelle, CEO of SECUsmart GmbH, the German company specializing in BlackBerry voice and data encryption.” National and international governmental Customers have trusted their voice and data communications with SECUsmart Security Card for years. This same technology is the key to the new SecuTablet .”

We should mention that the that governments of Germany and Canada already have this technology.

The BlackBerry model is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S and its price would be around 2,300 euros or USD$2,380

The company’s goal with this new tablet is to sell to high end customers, businesses and governments, thanks to its technology. Let’s wait how the market reacts to the new proposal from John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, who since 2013 has tried to put an end to the bad years of BlackBerry.




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