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Biostar announced its new socket FM2 + A70MGP motherboard

admin Dec 12

Biostar has announced the launch of its new motherboard based on the exclusive AMD A70M chipset, the Biostar A70MGP based on the Socket FM2 +. The A70M from AMD is oriented to the midrange systems that supports socket FM2 +APUs , USB 3.0 and SATA3 chipset, what is considered the norm today, but Biostar boasts that this motherboard has a better price / performance ratio than other motherboards based on A68H and A58 chipsets.

Although AMD has just released the A68H chipset for socket FM2 +APUs, Biostar has the exclusive A70M chipset, allowing the manufacturer to be able to integrate features to boards that do not have them mainly based on A58chipsets but the A68H chipset,  is considerably more expensive; in fact, this A70MGP Biostar has the same characteristics as any other board with an A68H chipset but at a lower price.


As you may have noticed looking at the picture above, the Biostar A70MGP has an mATX format, and has two slots for RAM DDR3 memory and one PCI-Express x16, in addition to 4 SATA 3 and USB 3.0 internal connector. It also supports AMD Dual Graphics technology through which you can use Hybrid CrossFire with integrated APU.

We do not yet know the price, but seeing the momentum Biostar puts in their price / performance ratio can be expected to be fairly inexpensive.

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