Billboard: Apple music service $10 per month

The Apple Music Streaming service will launch in summer for $10-per-month.

Apple music service

Following the acquisition of the company Beats by Apple, it also acquired its streaming music service, “Beats Music” which is now expected to be replaced and is set to compete with Spotify, Pandora, Google Music and others. The Cupertino company has spent months negotiating the distribution of music with this new business model and its policy is aggressive. Apple wants to offer subscriptions for about five euros per month ($10 per month), when some of its competitors are offering their music service for of 9.99 euros per month.

According to the latest reports, the Apple Music Service is scheduled to be introduced in June 2015 and won’t offer any free tier, opting instead for a subscription-only model.

If Apple does offer a monthly subscription of $10 dollars a month, would have to take losses on its new service, which the company is not willing to accept. Therefore, Apple would have to offer the same pricing as its competitors, but the Apple platform would win more support and can be integrated with its iOS – OS X ecosystem.


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