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Benchmarks: Single GTX 670 VS GTX 660 in SLI at 2560 X 1440

Hey guys today we will be presenting our latest benchmark reviews of a couple of popular cards that have recently been released to the market, ofcourse I’m talking about the GTX 670 and the GTX 660, now here at we’ve covered both of these cards in detail in the past so this time around we will only be showing you guys benchmarks, I know some people don’t like to use this word and instead would rather just enjoy their games, but I feel we must at least take a look at these benchmarks since they may come in handy for those looking to purchase these cards, lets continue with GTX 670 VS GTX 660.

The benchmarks in particular will look into how a single GTX 670 does against a GTX 660 in SLI at 2560 X 1440

The test system included the following specs, GTX 670 VS GTX 660 in SLI:

  • 2700K 4.6GHZ HT ON
  • CORSAIR H100
  • 16GB RAM 2133
  • EVGA GTX 670
  • HX 1000W

Both the GTX 670 and GTX 660 cards where all on stock settings no overclock.

As you will see this is to compare a stock GTX 670 vs a stock GTX 660 SLI some would say that the two solutions have a similar cost. besides the resolution is high(2560 X 1440), thus we can get an idea of ?what kind of fps to expect at 1080p. Without further ado here are the benchmark results.
hope its to your liking …

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  • Crysis Warhead configuration: 2560 X 1440/DX10/Ambush/3 passes/
  • Metro 2033 configuration: 2560 X 1440/High/AF 16x/Tessellation/Alias AAA/PhysX On/
  • Sleeping Dogs configuration: 2560 X 1440/ All High/Alias High/
  • Dirt configuration: 2560 X 1440/All High/Alias High/
  • F1 2012 configuration: 2560 X 1440/All High/Alias High/
  • Ungine Heaven configuration: 2560 X 1440/AFX 16X/DX 11/MSA4X/
  • Lost Planet 2 configuration: 2560 X 1440/ULTRA/DX 11/MSA4X/
  • Stalker configuration: 2560 X 1440/Ultra/All activated/Dx11/

What do you want to say?