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Battlefield 4 Benchmark, difference between CPU vs GPU

admin Nov 11

The folks at gamegpu have provided a good benchmark on btf4 beta, and wanted to comment a few things and provide an opinion.

what caught my attention is the difference between the 7870 and 7950 in terms of fps, in my opinion they are very close and the difference between processors differences in average fps:

  •     MSAA at 1920×1080 the difference is off 5fps
  •     MSAA at 2560×1600 the difference is not 4fps
  •     4X MSAA at 1920×1080 the difference is 5fps
  •     4X MSAA at 2560×1600 the difference is 2fps

When it comes to processor we find things like the FX8350 gets over 19fps compared to the FX6300, we can see that in the “AMD cpu core load ” with the 6300 its cores are all at 92-98 % while the FX8350 is much lighter.

BF4 provide two important outcomes:

One is that Battlefield 4 is a good indication of the quality of the graphics in next gen games,  in the near future we will have better graphics in games or it could mean that BF4 is considered “the best” in graphics.

Considering that the price difference – the FX8350 –  FX6300 and the 7870-7950 is the same, it ‘s worth staying more with the 7870 processor and spend more on a processor. Looking at the fps the game produces (not to mention the 8320 that hits 130 FPS, although this does not appear in the images of the article, but will be somewhat below the 8350 ).


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