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Battlefield 1 announced for the PS4, Xbox One and PC

Huge announcement! The new Battlefield game from DICE will be called Battlefield 1 and will lead us to fight in one of the most horrific wars of all times: the First World War. The company has already released its first official trailer that has allowed us to get an idea of weapons, vehicles and situations that we will see in this new Battlefield release, finally, we will no longer play in an alternative reality, but in a real conflict of the First World War. Then we go over the keys to this first trailer for Battlefield 1 and you have revealed the first details of the new shooter from DICE.

Check out the trailer below:


After several weeks of rumors that the next installment of Battlefield could be called Battlefield 5 Eastern Front or Battlefield 1944, DICE has opted for a simpler title and directly related to its setting: Battlefield 1. We remind you that the title leaked ago few hours through a promotional poster of the game already circulating in some shops.

DICE has satisfied a legion of fans who craved an atmosphere in the First World War for the new Battlefield. Denials and rumors about a possible alternative reality, Battlefield 1 will take us to the First World War to participate in some of its most important battles.

Although one of the strengths of the Battlefield experience is its powerful multiplayer, DICE has confirmed that Battlefield 1 will have a campaign that will take us to numerous locations like a French city under siege, wide open spaces of the Italian Alps or the deserts of Arabia. Intense dogfights and attacks from the sea with warships await us in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 multiplayer promises to offer spectacular 64-player multiplayer games in which will drive tanks in dynamic environments and live a multiplayer open world experience.

battlefield1 reveal 3

As for the weapons, the first trailer for Battlefield 1 has already allowed us to enjoy a preview of what we will have at our disposal to kill our enemies, such as machine guns, artillery, mustard gas and melee weapons.

Battlefield 1 will go on sale next October 21 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, although all those EA Access subscribers can enjoy the game via early access some days earlier. In addition, Battlefield 1 editions will include access to the game a few days before its official release on the platforms mentioned.

Its official launch will be on October 21, but DICE offers a short cut to play through an open beta for players and the promise of early access through Origins Access and EA Access. But that’s not all, Battlefield 1 will also be available for a demonstration of gameplay during the EA Electronic Arts Play event prior to E3 2016.


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Battlefield 1 goes on sale accompanied by several editions. On the one hand, we have the classic basic edition of the game and a Deluxe Early Enlister Edition including the Hellfighter, Red Baron and Lawrence of Arabia packs loaded with special equipment and weapons, five additional Battlepacks full of great objects and access to the full game October 18, three days before launch. But that’s not all, it appears that Battlefield 1 Also will feature a spectacular Collector’s Edition with a figure, an exclusive metal box and propaganda poster.