Bad week so far for Apple as its OSX Operating system The Most Vulnerable OS of 2014

Being number one is almost always the goal, however in this story it is not. We are talking about the most vulnerable operating systems, news has come out that Apple’s OSX and iOS are two of highest at being targeted by hackers, with OSX having 147 known vulnerabilities more than Microsoft who have 36.

OSX dangers hackers 1

According to a study by the National Vulnerability Databse (NVD), Apple OSX and iOS rank as the top two operating systems in the study. Apple OSX has over 147 known vulnerabilities, with 64 of them being high risk. Apple iOS, on the other hand, has over 127, but with only 32 of them being high risk. Needless to say, despite being the most vocal group when it comes to computer and mobile OS platform superiority, none of them will be bragging about this study.

What about Microsoft? Despite powering the majority of all computer systems on planet earth, the study only found a total of 36 vulnerabilities in the just recently deprecated Windows 7.  Only 25 of them are on the high risk list. More current operating systems like Windows 8 and 8.1, also have 36 vulnerabilities, with 24 of them being on the high risk list. So just 1 fewer than Windows 7.

Check out the full comparison chart of which Operating system is most vulnerable.


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