Automatic filters against pornography is censorship, say organizations

England is set to block “terrorist” stuff with anti-censorship tools, to access pornography users must request authorization from the government
Automatic filters against pornography is censorship, say organizations

English must notify the government if they want to view pornography (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced plans to block access to pornography via the Internet from every computer in the country, forcing those who wish to continue to consume it to inform their providers of their habits and requesting a withdrawal of an automatic filter for material adult. According to statements made by Cameron, British families will have to choose to use the auto filter by the end of the year.

The comprehensive plan against pornography for content targeting especially children and suggesting rape or violence, but may also reach the lighter materials. According to Cameron, the measures are urgent because “pornography is eroding childhood” of the country. “The first challenge is criminal, saying about the proliferation and accessibility of pornography on the internet. The second is cultural: the fact that so many children are watching porn on the net at such a young age, and on top of one kind of material pretty extreme, ” said Cameron.

Organizations defending the privacy of network users, however, point out that the measure could open the way for a government censorship internet. According to the Open Rights Group, the form that will be delivered to citizens who will have options to block not only pornography, but also to any material content deemed violent that may be used by terrorists or extremist websites or those related to anorexia, suicide, consumption alcohol or cigarettes, internet forums, and even esoteric material to tools that help you bypass the block.

All citizens will be required to accept the filter automatically only those who do not want this filter will have to declare their desire for consuming these types of materials and have the initiative to ask for the change.

19 million homes with internet connections will have to adapt to new rules for adult material, or “inappropriate”, and all those who make new contracts with companies providing Internet or change their current plans will have to decide whether or not to adopt the filter until the end of 2013.

In addition, materials that show violence of any kind, they will be labeled as “extreme” and in addition to blocked networks, online adult store will also be blocked.

Those who wish to continue accessing porn sites have to notify the government a year in advance.