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ASUS working on the new ROG Mars 760

admin Dec 12

After not very successful launch of the MARS III GPU, ASUS has now decided it’s time to finally add a new card to the series. The exact specifications are not known yet but can be based on the specifications of the GTX 760. The ASUS ROG MARS 760 will be based on two GK104 GPUs, both with 1152 CUDA cores, for a total of 2304.


The specifications would therefore be very similar to a GeForce GTX 780 for only the MARS 760 will have larger amount of ROPs (64 versus 48) and more memory (4GB to 3GB, although you may have only 2GB). Also, since the GTX 760 has a 256-bit bus interface memory, therefore the MARS 760 should be equipped with one of these.

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