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Asus shows off its new Transformer Infinity

admin Jun 6

Asus has recently shown its latest Asus transformer infinity tablet, a version that has been updated from its previous hybrid tablet that included android operating system, amongst other things it now incorporates a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. This resolution marks an important increase with the respect to its previous model, that particular model already used a full HD screen, and has now put itself right against Apple’s retina screen, in the case of Apple’s pixels are so small that they are not visible to the eye.


Just like the new Asus Zenbook Infinity, the transformer infinity is a tablet that is quite attractive to look at thanks in part to its dark aluminum material.

We are also talking about a very powerful tablet in terms of hardware, and also comes with an attachable keyboard with a docking station that can make it as convenient as an ultra book.

This new keyboard via its docking system also incorporates an extra battery and it can also work by charging the tablet if we need to. As we have previously commented in the past, this tablet is based on the previous version of the Asus transformer, but so far we don’t know much of its characteristics such as its processor or memory.

However by looking at the appearance of the tablet itself you can tell it’s going to be a quality product, and as such don’t expect its price to be affordable. In either case we should wait for Asus to officially announce this tablet in the near future

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