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ASUS releases a GTX 660 Ti “Dragon Edition”

admin Apr 4

ASUS is supposed to label “Dragon Edition” those video cards that are above their already famous DirectCU II Top. So far, so good. What is really interesting is to find if this really is a true leap or a marketing strategy to relabel the same products and to sell more units. It could be the case of the Geforce GTX 660 TI “Dragon Edition” or GTX660Ti-DP-2GD5.

This new “Dragon Edition” differs from the DirectCU II Top in that it is using blue stripes instead of the already known red DirectCU stripes. Otherwise its dissipation system is identical to the latter except that the material of the backplate is constructed, which is made of aluminum.

The card identified as GTX660Ti-2GD5-DP will come equipped with GK106 GPU with 960 CUDA Cores, 2GB of GDDR5 memory with 192-bit bus and a 15MHz increase in GPU Boost (which theoretically improves performance and experience in games) over the current model DirectCU II Top. The frequency of the memory remains unchanged with respect to the DirectCU II 6GB Top.

From our point of view it has poor results compared with the DirectCU II to launch a new reference model. Not to mentionn ASUS has come out saying it will be marketed only in the Asian market. We can assume that the DCU2 Top has not had the expected success in that market.

As mentioned at the beginning we do not know if ASUS will launch a new version in order to differentiate from the Asian models that have been marketed in the rest of the world, in which case we do find it logical to lean toward this new model, but by no means we find, a qualitative leap to justify the relabeling.

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